Posted by: alwanforthearts | July 31, 2012

Dabke appeals to Westerners, Arabs alike

Dabke appeals to Westerners, Arabs alike

This is an interesting article to read about the appeal of Dabkeh to an international audience. Though considered primarily a Levantine tradition, this dance has no doubt spread throughout the diasporas, most notably of Palestinian descent.

From a Palestinian perspective, Dabkeh is a purely Palestinian tradition. For other Arabs from the Levant such as from Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, Dabkeh is a Levantine tradition. Though others, especially Westerners will go a step further such as:

“Folk Dancer Nancy Bannister, 53, said she thinks it’s important to keep the Palestinian tradition of dancing dabke alive, but doesn’t necessarily connect dabke to Palestine.
“I associate dabke with the entire Middle East,” she said, adding that it is also similar to Israeli dance.”

What do you think of when you think of Dabkeh? Can we say it is Palestinian, Levantine, Arab, Middle Eastern, Global…? How do you define Dabkeh? What does Dabkeh mean to you?

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